Information about the Stubbs Air Rasp Handunit

Basic equine dentistry involves the grinding and shaping of horse's
teeth.  Horse's teeth form points and irregularities as a function of normal
or abnormal wear.  The goal therefore, when designing equine dental
tools is to develop a tool that will efficiently grind away enamel in an
atraumatic way.  Because many of the horses teeth are very
inaccessible, very specialized tools have evolved.
   Stubbs Equine Innovations (S.E.I) has modified an air tool which is
unequaled in speed, power and safety.  Because of simplicity and speed,
this system can produce more quality dentistry per minute than any other
system. The speed has a very significant effect on the bottom line.
The handpiece with its air hoses and couplers only weighs in at 2.75
pounds.  If the hoses are suspended overhead the weight is even less.  
This is an extremely important consideration especially for the smaller
veterinarians.  This tool is an excellent choice for the female who is
already at a huge advantage because of her small hands.  When
combined with the thinnest solid carbide blades on the market, even the
third molars can literally be sculpted.  This is absolutely not possible with
the power float, swiss float, or any rotary tool.  Do not make the mistake
of purchasing an expensive power tool or tools and still be left to do the
most difficult teeth by hand.  With one S.E.I. handpiece and four easily
changed blades one can sculpt every tooth in the mouth.  The tool
reciprocates at a loaded speed of approximately 7000 to 9000 strokes per
minute.  This is several times faster than the closest competitor.  Other
tools are rated at the no load speed which is vastly different from the
loaded speed.  Obviously, the speed at which a tool runs with no blade
attached is a worthless number.  The S.E.I tool has a stroke length of
about 3/8 inch which is ideal.  A shorter stroke is slow and inefficient and
a longer stroke is more dangerous and harder to control.  The longer
stroke tools are very difficult to use safely in the caudal aspects of the
mouth and  least movement of the horse's can cause serious damage to
the teeth, jaw bones and/or soft tissue.
   Although it is very possible to do good dentistry visually, the S.E.I. tool
is best used and guided by feel.  This is a huge advantage because of the
difficulty in visualizing the teeth near the back of the mouth.  Some
veterinarians use a combination of both methods.  It also allows the
veterinarian to work with his elbows at his sides rather than at shoulder
height.  This method causes much less fatigue for the operator and the
horse can hold his head at a more normal and comfortable height.  This
tool also produces no carcinogenic enamel dust like a rotary tool and
therefore requires no goggles, mask or vacuum when used correctly.  It
does not produce significant heat and therefore no water is needed as a
coolant.  Because of the stroke length the tool can be used in a very
atraumatic way.  The S.E.I. tool is unequaled, especially on the teeth that
are the very most important.
S.E.I. has the only easy exhange program for the blades so no long waits
for getting blades resharpened.